The Cabin: Ev Bishop's reader hangout
The Cabin: Ev Bishop's reader hangout
Ev Bishop

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About Me

Hello! If you've stumbled across The Cabin, it's most likely because you know a bit about me or my books already.

If you're aren't familiar with me, however, here's a brief bio: 

My name’s Ev Bishop and I’m an award-winning USA Today bestselling author, best known for my small-town contemporary romance series, River’s Sigh B & B. I’m incredibly grateful to the kind readers who enjoy my stories and describe them as “full of humor, love and wisdom,” set in places “where breathtaking scenery and the magic of love are the best medicine for the soul.” I've also just launched a brand-new series that I'm super excited about (and think you'll love) called The Second Chance Shop. Book 1, Something Old, just came out and is available wherever books are sold. Book 2, Something New, is available on pre-order and will be ready for your reading pleasure in October 2021. 

When I’m not reading a book or writing one of my own, you’ll find me hanging out with my family and dogs, often outside, usually at the lake or in the weeds of an overgrown garden somewhere. I have dreams of having my own cabin getaway one day, and in that vein, I decided to create my own online cabin - and invite you all to use it and enjoy it whenever you like!

I love any and all garden-related talk and work, cooking (and eating!), and making all sorts of random things—especially out of upcycled, reclaimed, or homegrown items.

Telling stories and sharing things I create is my way of battling the hard parts of life and celebrating the good, the beautiful, the resilient!

I'm super excited that you stumbled across The Cabin during your Internet wandering, and I hope you'll pop by often.

Looking forward to getting to know you, 

😊 Ev

A Big Thanks in advance!

I'm so grateful that you read my books and want to hang out at The Cabin with me and other kindred readers. Come on in and make yourself at home. I can't live here, unfortunately (books to write, dogs to walk, and all that 😁 ) - but I am here a lot. And don't worry, even when I'm not around, The Cabin has lots to keep you busy with. Enjoy! 💕